Growing Forests One Partnership at a Time
Growing Communities One Tree at a Time

Brinkman Colombia brings 50 years of silviculture, forestry, agroforestry, and community-focused experience to enable the transition to sustainable agroforestry and silvopasture production systems. We work with landowners or producers' cooperatives and associations to improve sustainability, diversify, improve returns, enable local participation in all stages of the value chain, and help producers achieve the climate change mitigation and adaptation outcomes that our planet requires today.

Aprocoleda – Fegar Agreement

Brinkman Colombia (Brinkman) and cattle farming multipurpose cooperative(s) APROCOLEDA (Asociación De Productores y Comercializadores de Leche de Arauca. and FEGAR (La Federación de Comités de Ganaderos de Arauca) (the Cooperatives), representing 20+ Milk and Beef Associations in the Arauca province have signed a Framework Partnership Agreement.

1800 producers in the Cooperatives, plus 700 non-member producers commercializing through them. 18,000 hectares of cattle farms in the Cooperatives, on average 7.5 ha per producer.

Transition to sustainable silvopasture production by planting trees for shade and improved pastures will support the adaptation required for new cattle genetics. The planting of trees provides diversification of producer income to include timber.

CATIE Partnership

Brinkman Colombia partners with CATIE, to work with milk producer cooperatives in the Atlantic Region. CATIE, the Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center, to strengthen climate-enhanced silvopasture farming practices with farmers for the Colombian Caribbean. 

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